I have just started a new Author’s E-Mail Newsletter. There is a signup form on my blog,   

You can also sign up at the bottom of this post. The Newsletter is free.

The Newsletter sign-up form is separate and distinct from the Blog sign-up form. The Newsletter will be sent out only a few times a year, mainly to announce new releases. It will also contain free short stories, excerpts from novels, and articles on reading, writing, and publishing fiction.

You may ask why an author needs a newsletter if they already have a blog and a social media presence. The answer is simple: a newsletter allows the author to communicate with people who have opted to receive it, and this means people who are genuinely interested in seeing what the author has to say. 

If you check out the Amazon page for  Bankgok Shadows,  (Click here) you will see that nearly every reviewer states  they would like to see more novels featuring the Bangkok adventures of  Glenn Murray Cohen and his friends from the mysterious NJA Club. Every person who takes the time to write a review  represents many more who feel the same way, and I’d like to reach as many interested people as possible. It’s just a lot easier to fill out a form than to write a review. The Newsletter will enable me to communicate with readers directly, knowing that they want to hear from me. They can be informed of new releases, get a peek at them before release, and receive advance notice of sales or free book days. These readers are far more likely to send feedback and comments than the world-at- large, and authors crave feedback.

Your e mail will never be disclosed to anyone. You can join or leave as you wish. There are no charges for subscribing ; if you want to buy a book that is set for release or already available, the Newsletter will direct you to its Amazon page.

I am working on a second novel featuring the same cast of characters, and it is targeted for release at the end of the year. Subscribers to the Newsletter will be given  a chance to read the first chapter, and to purchase at the promotional price or wait for an Amazon free book day. 

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“Best Way to Thank an Author” graphic courtesy of a tweet by author Morgan Wright.

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