A day from now I will be heading out to Souvarnabhumi Airport to board a flight back to America. Over the past three plus years, I’ve spent almost all of my time here in Bangkok. 

I am definitely not one of those American expats who bears America any ill will, and my time here should not be misconstrued as representing any such feelings. I have been living in Thailand because when I retired I wanted new experiences and wanted to break from my usual routines and habitats so that I could write.  No disappointment there; I have loved working with Keybangers Bangkok and have published my first novel, Bangkok Shadows, on Amazon.  In case you are the only person in the universe who has not gotten some form of promotion, the link is

Please don’t paint a picture of me slavishly chained to a chair, pounding away on a keyboard. I’ve spent a great deal of time writing, but also  managed to study speaking, reading and writing Thai (trying a complex federal conspiracy case is child’s play compared to that), studying meditation and yoga, and traveling throughout the Kingdom and neighboring countries. Every minute has been rewarding. 

I unequivocally love America, warts and all. The biggest wart at the moment is named Donald Trump, and while I am back home I intend to work for Democratic  candidates in Florida, hoping to do my share to oust Spanky and His Gang.

But I’ll also be writing. In addition to the novel,  I completed a dozen short stories in Thailand, some of which are on this blog. More will be written in America. I also intend to write as much as I can of a sequel to Bangkok Shadows.

I’ll be doing a bit of traveling within the U.S., taking a road trip from Tampa to Georgia and from the Bay Area to Colorado as well as a brief visit to New York. My country is a big, beautiful nation, and I hope to see quite a bit of it this trip. 

I will be returning to Bangkok in the Fall. Don’t know how long I will be spending there on that visit. When I retired from the practice of law, I gave up being a slave to the calendar and I like it just fine this way. I love having a foot in both worlds.

Spending so much time in Asia, I sometimes see myself as “a citizen of the world”. I suppose that in a spiritual sense, all of are. But have no doubt: I’m an American, a proud American, and I love my country. I just happen to love Thailand as well. 

Having a bon voyage breakfast with some of my fellow Keybangers at Artis Coffee Shop on Sukhumvit Soi 18, conveniently located next to the condo where I stayed. It’s easy to tell the Thais from the farangs-they speak better English. In case you are wondering, I’m the farang on the left. (Handsome devil, you must admit.) 

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