It’s not only out as an Amazon Kindle e-book!

Bangkok Shadows is now available in paperback as well.

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Glenn Murray Cohen was miserable as a criminal defense lawyer in San Francisco, trapped in a web of stress, bills, and a failed marriage. When a client is murdered during a late-night encounter, Glenn grabs a bundle of illicit cash and starts a new life in Thailand. 

For seven years Glenn enjoys the life of a rich expat in Bangkok, until the CIA comes calling, pressuring him to accept  a dangerous task for which he is ill-suited. With the assistance of his close friends from the mysterious NJA Club, Glenn faces deadly peril, corruption, and intrigue, all the while confronting his own strengths and weaknesses. Glenn must adapt to this new environment, and he grows wiser, more street savvy and more chastened as the novel progresses.

Bangkok is a constant presence, creating a mood that is exotic and noir.

Stephen Shaiken practiced criminal law for over three decades in Brooklyn, N.Y. and San Francisco. Before becoming a lawyer, he earned an M.A. in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. Stephen currently spends most of his year in Bangkok. He writes short stories in several genres, some of which may be found on his blog at:

You can follow Stephen on Twitter: @StephenShaiken

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