Still Alive and Writing

Still Alive and Writing

This blog has been on radio silence for almost three weeks. I’m happy to say I am alive and writing and returning to the keyboards.

Since the beginning of the month I have been constantly on the go. Left Thailand October 2, flew to the San Francisco Bay Area to take care of some personal business, then on to Houston to pick up my car and my cat from my daughter, then a nice drive to Tampa, Florida, where I’ve been engrossed in setting up my new home in the Old Seminole Heights neighborhood. Upon arrival we were greeted with the news of a serial killer on the loose; made me feel right at home, having lived through the Zebra and Zodiac killers when I was a Creative Writing student at San Francisco State University, the Son of Sam when I was a Legal aid Lawyer in Brooklyn, and in Marin I had a full range of serial killers, from the Trailside Killer to the cultists who murdered people in the San Geronimo Valley and most recently, the band of violent nomads who murdered among others, a Yoga traveler hiking on a trail in my town of Fairfax.

At least the New York Times described the Seminole Heights neighborhood as more renowned for its trendy bars and restaurants than violent crime. This is true.

My novel is now  being read by a small group of beta readers. Depending on their feedback, I will either start submitting to agents or fine tune it a bit more. If no agent shows any interest after a reasonable outreach, it will go on Amazon as an e book, which is where I have always leaned anyway.

While on the road, I did manage to finish and post an interesting interview with Sheldon Penner, a director, actor, playwright and improv comedian who serves as President of the Pattaya Players, an English language community theater group working diligently to nurture and succor this ray of culture in the mud of Sin City. I hope to present similar interviews with other artists working in Thailand or America. (Feel free to refer any you feel would be of interest.)

I am starting to work on a few short stories that have been percolating inside the past month or so. I’ll be back in Bangkok in December, working with the Keybangers which has been the best motivator, workshop and circle of writers I could ever hope for.

In the meantime, I will be looking for a short story to post. I also plan to write something about the earth-shattering news about Mueller’s recent indictments. As a lawyer-in-recover who actually knows the Constitution, I can’t resist weighing in on this one. No suspense novelist could imagine a scenario like we find ourselves in today. If Donald Trump were in North Korea, he’d be Kim Jong Un and vice versa. As I said in an earlier post, artists have a moral duty to use their skills to speak out against the anger, hatred, craziness and dangers posed by Trump and Trumpism. If an artist also happens to be a lawyer, a scientist, or a craftsperson, no reason why they can’t combine their different knowledge bases to move people to think.

So thanks for your patience and your inquiries about where I have been. I hope to keep you entertained from here on in.

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