THE NOSE JONES- First story I ever wrote

THE NOSE JONES- First story I ever wrote

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This is the first fiction story I ever wrote. The first version was written for a creative writing class in college, and I submitted a revised version as part of my application for a Master’s Program in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University. A further revision was one of a collection of short stories presented as my Master’s thesis. The story was presented  to my writers’ group, Keybangers Bangkok, earlier this year, with only the most minor technical grammatical changes and that’s what you see here. That explains the  two copyright dates. This story was technically “published” when it was made part of the SFSU Library, where I am certain it has sat undisturbed.  This prior “publication” means that as to magazines and publishers that automatically reject for such a serious breach of decorum, the die has been cast and I’m free to post it without concern. Many of my friends have told me over the decades that this is my best piece of writing, which may or may not be saying much about my talent. 

Because of the length of the story, 6600 words, I have attached it through the link below. Click on it and you will see another link appear above it ; click on that and download or read it on your screen. Any comments are welcomed!

Click below to read the story:

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